Box Lunch Menu 1
Choose one of these wraps
Greek Ham Wrap 6 inch
Southwestern Turkey Wrap 6 inch
Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap 6 inch
Assorted Sun Chips
Fresh Melon Slices
Toffee Bars
Bottled Water

Box Lunch Menu 2
Chicken Apple Salad Croissant
Greek Pasta Salad
Dessert Bar
Lunch Bunch Grapes
Bottled Water

Box Lunch Menu 3
Chicken Caesar Salad
Sunflower Bread and Butter
Toffee Bar
Bottled Water

Chicken Apple Salad Croissant Sandwich OR
Deli Meat Sandwich, choose from ham, turkey or roast beef
Whole Fruit
Bottled Water

*Please note that we are having trouble anticipating our supplier prices as a result of the pandemic. All menu items are subject to price change. When you book a catering, we will confirm the cost. 



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