Linen Napkin (white) $0.45/ea
Folded Linen Napkin $1.00/ea
Table Cloth $4.65/ea (white or ivory, banquet size)
Note: Napkins and table cloths of different colors are available with advance notice for prices as listed above.

Dinner Plate $ 0.65/ea
Small Plate $ 0.25/ea
Dessert Plate $ 0.25/ea
12-oz. Bowl $ 0.25/ea

Dinner Fork $ 0.20/ea
Salad Fork $ 0.20/ea
Dessert Fork $ 0.20/ea
Knife $ 0.20/ea
Steak Knife $ 0.20/ea
Spoon $ 0.20/ea
Soup Spoon $ 0.20/ea

Water Goblet $ 0.45/ea
Water Pitcher $ 1.00/ea

Salt & Pepper Shakers $1.00/set

Coffee Cup  $ .35/ea
Coffee Cup Saucer $ .25/ea